School Innovation & Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic school year

Glen Forest Elementary School

  • 2020-2021
  • Region 2
  • Dwayne Young, Interim Principal 



  • At Glen Forest Elementary School, we believe in high levels of learning for all children and adults. 


  • Our mission is to foster life-long learners. Within a safe and caring community, we collaborate, differentiate, motivate and communicate so all achieve their greatest potential. Our futures begin here.


  • The Glen Forest Community of families, children and teachers learn together. We honor diversity, enhance creativity, and develop higher-level thinking through literacy, numeracy, technology and the arts. We develop the whole child, creating a future of responsible, contributing citizens for a better world.

End of Year Math SMARTR Goal:

  • Students in grades 3-5 will pass the 2021 Math SOL at an unadjusted rate of 80%, and a combined rate of 95%
  • At the end of the 2021 school year, Students with Disabilities (SWD) in grades 3-5 will score an unadjusted pass rate of 60%, and an adjusted pass rate of 80% on the Math SOL test


End of Year Reading SMARTR Goal:

  • At the end of the 2021 school year, 76% of students in grades K-2 will be reading at benchmark.
  • Students with Disabilities (SWD)in grades 3-5  will increase pass rates on the 2021 Reading SOL tests to an unadjusted pass rate of 50%, and an adjusted pass rate of 80%.

End of Year Science SMARTR Goal:

  • On the spring 2021 Science SOL test, students in 5th grade will increase the unadjusted pass rate to 75%, and the adjusted pass rate to 80%.