WeCare and Digital Tools Consent Form

Dear Glen Forest Families,

With a virtual start this school year, we have very important forms that parents need to submit for the security and safety of your children.  We are sending you this letter as we have converted these forms to an online version for ease in completing and submitting to school.

1.   We need all parents to set up an account in @email which will provide an online version of the Emergency Care Card and the Health Information Form.  Directions for how to set up an account are below:

  • Parents are first asked to set up a SIS ParentVue account. 
  • The link for that is https://fcps.blackboard.com/  (If you need assistance in setting up the ParentVue account, please call our school’s main office.)
  • Then parents can log into the @email program with the same username and password as ParentVue. 
  • Then select ‘emergency care information’ and ‘health information form’, complete each form and submit.

2. Fairfax County Public Schools and Glen Forest Elementary School use a variety of pre-approved resources to support student learning.  The tools have been carefully reviewed to ensure that they align with the FCPS learning model.   All FCPS approved vendors must adhere to security and privacy requirements specified in their contracts, and none of these tools collect, use nor share any personal information.

At Glen Forest ES, the tools listed on the link below are for our entire study body of Pre-K through 5th grade.  These programs are not used by all students as some are grade-specific nor are these tools used every day in class.  You may contact your child’s teacher directly to determine which tools they will be using this school year in that class.

This information is provided to you in compliance the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Parental permission must be provided in order to proceed with using these tools.  By completing the digital form linked below, you provide permission for your child to use the FCPS-approved online tools listed as part of an instructional program. 

Resource tools LINK:  https://glenforestes.fcps.edu/adopteddigitalresources

Application Permission Form LINK:  https://isweb.fcps.edu/iscontacts/techpermform.cfm?secure

The first day of school will be September 8, so please review, sign and submit the permission form online no later than Wednesday, September 2.

Thank you,

The Admin Team

Glen Forest Elementary School