Drive-thru Tuning for String Instruments

Hello 4th and 5th grade String families!

Your students are working hard to learn how to play their string instruments, but those instruments might need to be tuned.  Please come to Glasgow Middle School on the 2nd or 4th Monday of each month if you need your violin, viola, cello, or bass to be tuned.  Ms. Dizon will be at Glasgow Middle School on those two Mondays each month from 9 am-12 noon

  • Drive to Glasgow Middle School
  • Set the instrument in your trunk before you arrive
  • Come between 9 am -12 noon
  • Upcoming dates include: Oct 26, Nov 9, Nov 23, Nov 30, Dec 14

Students should not come to drive-thru tuning for general questions, but only if their instrument is very out of tune (sounds funny) or is something has broken on the instrument.

Contact Elizabeth Dizon for more information [email protected]