Staff Spotlight - Meet Lindsey Collier

Staff Spotlight
February 19, 2021

This week's spotlight is on Lindsey Collier! Lindsey is one of our 1st grade teachers at GFES.

We love having Lindsey Collier with us at Glen Forest ES! Let's learn more about Lindsey....

Staff Member:  Lindsey Collier

Years at Glen Forest ES:  4

Why do you love working at Glen Forest?   I love working at Glen Forest for 3 simple reasons: the students, the staff, and the GFES community. When I was searching for an Elementary School, I looked for diversity first.  I love that our students, family and staff represent diversity, and culture from all around the world.  My heart is full, when I get to interact with students and families from all different cultures, backgrounds, and countries from around the world. The best part of every day is seeing my kids’ smiling faces, eager and enthusiastic to start the school day.  Our kids at Glen Forest LOVE coming to school and they are eager to grow and challenge their brains. My favorite part of teaching first grade is the joy and gift of being able to teach students to read.  Watching students begin to grasp language and literacy for the first time, and the joy that I feel as they overcome these incredible early milestones, is unlike any other experience.

Book you are currently reading: 

All the Missing Girls- Megan Miranda

White Fragility- Robin Diangelo

A Promised Land- Barack Obama

I Really Needed This Today- Hoda Kotb

Hobbies/Interests:   I am a dog mom to two amazing rescue pups! Cooper-6 year old Black lab mix, and Bailey-1 year old mutt (boxer, lab, pitt, husky).   I am a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor (CTRI)- teaching riders with disabilities to ride a horse! I love being able to use my skills as a teacher combined with my skills as a rider to teach my students how to ride. I love anytime I can spend time around animals!