Kiss N Ride Procedure


Arrival will begin at 9:35AM. Students will exit their cars and enter through door 4 into the Kindergarten 
wing where they will be greeted and directed to their classroom. 

Dismissal will begin at 4:15. When you arrive to kiss n ride, follow the arrows around to the pick- up location (see map above). Please stay in your car and your child(ren) will be called on the walkie talkie to come out to car.  Once your child is in the car please stay in the line. Do not pull around the cars that are in front of you.  Be patient as we load students into cars. Follow the line till it is your turn to exit the parking lot. 
Please do not leave your car unattended in the kiss n ride line. If you need to walk in to get your 
child(ren) you must park in a parking spot and pick them up from the front entrance. 

After 4:30PM all students remaining at kiss n ride will be led to the office for pickup from front office. 

Please reach out  to office  703-578-8000 or Karen Haworth – [email protected] with any 
questions you may have.